**2nd Annual Holiday Contest Giveaway**

The Top 3 finishers will receive a gift certificate for a FREE Hot Air Balloon Ride. These certificates can be given as gifts. 


1. You must send your best holiday photo (funny, cute, classic) via Facebook PM or email to aerocruiseballoonadventures@gmail.com by Sunday night 12/11. Photo Album will be posted Monday morning 12/12 and contest will close on Friday 12/16 @ 10pm. Winners will be announced on Saturday 12/17. 

2. We will be posting an album to our Facebook page with all the submitted photos. It will be "pinned" to the top and you must make sure that your photo gets the most "likes" to win. {The "like" must be on the photo that is posted on our page}

3. In order for the "like" on your photo to count the voter must also "like" the Aero-Cruise Balloon Adventures Facebook page. {we will be watching ;)}

4. You are allowed to "tag" and share your photo as much as you would like to get people to come vote on our page.