Pre Flight

Guests enjoying a continental breakfast at our launch site. During this time the hot air balloons will be prepped for flying; many guests enjoy helping during the inflation process, but most of all we encourage you to take pictures and enjoy the experience.

Post Flight

After the hot air balloon ride, chase crews return passengers to the launch site. Guests receive parting gifts including an individual hot air balloon photo, a t-shirt or hat, complimentary champagne or sparkling cider, and more. Champagne is a long-standing tradition in ballooning and we think you will enjoy it as well! 

Flight Time

Because the winds are most calm and predictable during the early morning hours, we meet at sunrise and take off shortly thereafter. The duration of the ride is around an hour. Please allow 3 to 4 hours for your entire adventure. 

Flight Location

Our hot air balloon rides take place in the beautiful Boulder Valley where we float peacefully for around an hour. Passengers enjoy a 360-degree view from the basket with sights including wildlife Boulder Flatirons, several 14ers, the Front Range, Rocky Mountains and the Continental Divide. This is a truly spectacular and thrilling way to enjoy Colorado.

Our launch sites are centrally located along the Colorado Front Range and close to Denver, Boulder, Longmont, Estes Park, and many other popular Colorado locations. Our Summer season and Winter season launch sites are located in Lafayette, Colorado, less than 1 mile apart.

Ballooning Seasons

We offer year-round hot air balloon rides so you can enjoy this unique Colorado experience no matter what the season may be. Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, there is something special about flying in each of the seasons Colorado has to offer.

  • Winter Season: Although less frequent, Colorado offers several spectacular days to fly in the winter and when you find them, they are a real gem. Snow coats the landscape creating a winter wonderland effect. The contrast of the snow makes the mountains come to life and tracks below tell stories of their own.

  • Spring Season: After a long winter, plants are blooming and for Colorado, everything looks so green.

  • Summer Season: You really notice the patchwork of planted fields below and as they approach the mountain ranges, you notice just how massive and spectacular they are.

  • Fall Season: The changing of the tree colors creates new and unique scenery all around.

What To Wear

It will often be chilly when passengers arrive at the launch site. Temperatures do warm up quickly so we recommend layering clothes accordingly. Dress comfortable but please do not wear open toe or heeled shoes for comfort and safety. Hats and water for hydration are recommended during the warmer months.

As with other outdoor activities during the colder months, it is recommended to bring a hat, gloves, and warm boots. It is most common for the hands and feet to feel cold. Layering is important because most passengers find it is not as cold as they expect it to be. This is due factors such as the heat produced by the burner, apparent lack of breeze due to traveling with the wind, and the air being warmer once the balloon ascends off the ground due to a temperature inversion layer that keeps cooler air at the surface. 

Private Balloon Rides

Enjoy an exclusive journey with a private hot air balloon ride. Perfect for engagements, anniversaries, birthdays, or celebrating a special day. Let us help you with details and we will make sure the celebration is a memorable one.

Your flight will take place around sunrise with just the two of you and your pilot in the gondola. On this trip of a lifetime you will enjoy an in-flight champagne celebration to commemorate the occasion. 

Whichever the reason, we want to make your hot air balloon ride the best possible experience.

Rescheduling & Refunds 

All hot air balloon flights are based on weather conditions. We will do our best to book you on the next available flight should yours be canceled due to inclement weather.

A credit card is required to confirm the flight reservation. Credit cards are not processed until the completion of the flight. 

Cancelation Policy

Reservations must be canceled with at least 48 hours notice of the scheduled flight in order to receive a refund. 


We are fully insured and all passengers are required to sign an industry standard waiver.